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10 Best Money Transfer Companies in 2024

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Sending money internationally through banks (wire transfers) are bit expensive and not recommended these days. Thanks to international money transfer companies which are offering fastest and cheapest ways to transfer funds all around the world.

In this article, we will walk through various international money transfers companies. We will discuss about their fees / pricing structure, coverage, users’ reviews and service quality. So, let’s start.

Best Money Transfer Companies in the World 2024

Money Transfer Companies

1# Western Union

The Western Union is an American multinational company situated in Denver, Colorado. They have 500,000 agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries in the word.


Fees / Commission: Fees varies based on transaction details
Customers: 150 Million

2# MoneyGram International

MoneyGram is another one of the biggest money transfer company in the world. They also cover around 200 countries in the world. They provide money transfer as well as financial services worldwide both digitally and retail locations.

Fees / Commission: Fees varies based on transaction details
Customers: 150+ Million

3# Wise (Formerly Transferwise)

Wise is a UK-based financial exchange technology company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Currently, Wise operate worldwide expect these countries.

Fees / Commission: Fixed + Variable for each country
Customers: 16 Million

4# Remitly

Remitly is an American remittance company based in Seattle, USA. They offer their money transfer services in 150 countries.

Fees / Commission:
Customers: 4.2 Million

5# OFX (OzForex)

OFX is an Australian online foreign exchange and payments company. It is headquartered in Sydney. They support 50+ currencies and cover 170+ countries in the world.

Fees / Commission: $0 (setup fee)
Customers: 1 Million

6# Ria Money Transfer

Ria money transfer is a financial services company which is specialized in money remittances. It is a subsidiary company of Euronet Worldwide Inc. and head office is in Buana Park, California, USA. They operate in 165 countries around the world.

Fees / Commission: $5 or less

7# TransferGo

TransferGo is a licensed and authorized money transfer institution regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Customs). It’s headquarter is in London, UK. Right now, TransferGo support 162 countries in the world.

Fees / Commission: Flat Fee is 0.99 GBP with exchange rate margin falling between 0% and 2.2%.
Customers: 3.5 Million

8# Instarem

Instarem is a Singapore based money exchange company. They cover various countries Asia-Pacific, Europe, United States and Canada.

Fees / Commission: Flat fee is $15 ($20 for transfer of $5000 or above). Conversion fee is 0.3% to 1%.
Customers: 2 Million

9# ACE Money Transfer

In the list of best money transfer companies, ACE money transfer also confirm its spot. It is a headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. Currently, they are operating in 106 countries in the world with 2 million happy customers.

Fees / Commission: Free
Customers: 1.3 Million

10 # WorldRemit

WorldRemit is an authorized and regulated money transfer institution. It is based in Denver, Colorado. With WorldRemit, users can send money to over 130 countries. Currently, they have 5 million happy customers.

Fees / Commission: 3.99 Standard Fee but may drop to $1.99 due to transfer criteria.
Customers: 5.7 Million

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