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How To Send Money With Western Union

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Did you ever imagine you could send gifts to your loved one from miles? Sounds amusing? Yes! Now it is possible; let’s explore how? Sometimes we may feel the distance larger when relatives are in other countries. Well, some things can help you to remove this distance, especially when they are in need.

Western Union is an easy and convenient way to send money online to your family and friends. It is a fast solution and suitable for everyone. Here we will tell you how to send money with western union to your loved ones anytime from any place.

5 Steps to Send Money With Western Union

How To Send Money With Western Union

1. Register and verify your account

The very first thing is to create your online profile and verify it. Then log in with your existing details.


2. Select the Country

The second step is to select the receiver’s destination and the amount you want to transfer them. Then choose the receiver’s bank account with the nearest agency location or mobile wallet.

3. Enter the Recipient’s Details

In the third step, you enter all the details of the person you want to send money. For sending cash, you need to enter your name and address.

4. Pay for online money transfers.

Select the bank account or debit card and click confirm to complete the payment procedure.

5. Track your Transfer

Now, your money is on the way, and it depends on the method you select. Then you receive a conformational email with a money transfer control number by which you can track your money transfers.

Now the digital app of western union is available, and you can send money with just a few taps. There are multiple ways to send money. Let’s explore them one by one.

3 Ways To Send Money To A Bank

Wire transfer is an electronic transfer fund across a network regulated by global transfer services. You need the receiver’s name and account number in the wire transfer.

1. Bank Transfer

The second is the bank transfer method, in which you receive some extra information from the receiver like account name, number, detail of the bank, and a SWIFT code or international bank account number.

2. Bank Draft

A bank draft is a way to make large payments at the national and international levels. The paperwork guarantees funds and is more reliable than a cheque with the risk of bouncing.

Cash Pickup in to Send Money with Western Union

Cash Pickup is the best and most useful way if your loved ones don’t have a bank account. You follow some simple steps in this method. 

  1. Visit the nearest agent location, and share your transfer details with an agent, like how much you will send the receiver’s name and the address. The agent will ask you to provide NIC.
  2. Pay money with cash, including the additional transfer fees.
  3. The agent will give you a tracking number to share with your receiver.

These two methods to send money with the western union are also available in the western union app. You can download it from the google play store or apple store.

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