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How To Receive Money From Western Union

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Among many, we know that Western Union is a convenient and fast way to receive money from loved ones. It is a reliable source for your bank account and is loaded on a prepaid card. This technology does not only remove the distance but also makes things so easy for everyone.

 Western Union is the best way to send and receive money nationally and internationally. Let’s here discuss all the steps to receive the funds from Western Union.

Steps To Receive Money From Western Union

How To Receive Money From Western Union

There are some simple steps to receive money from the Western Union.


1. Provide the Details to Sender

The very basic and first thing is to provide your information to the sender. The required information depends on the location. However, for the bank receiving, the bank name is most important. The ABA routing number, account number, city, address, state, zip code, and phone number are included in most mandatory details.

2. Track The Transfer

When the money is on the way, you can track it with a tracking number called MTCN to track the funds. The sender gets this email receipt and shares it with you to track the funds.

3. Receive the Money

The duration to receive money from western union also depends on your location and bank details. Sometimes, you get it in just a few minutes, and in some cases, it takes almost four working days to transfer it into your bank account. Mostly, it works faster in the Bank of America and some other major banks from New York to Los Angels.

Flexibility to Change the Way to Receive Money from Western Union

Western Union also allows you to change the mode to receive money besides receiving it within a bank account. Another way is cash pickup, and for that purpose, first, you search the nearest agent locations and then receive your money. You tell them your name or other detail that the sender tells the agent and pick up your cash immediately.

Most Frequent-Asked Questions

How To Send Money With Western Union

What receiver information is needed for the western union?

In the United States, receivers must know the bank name and bank routing number required to receive money from Western Union. Besides, outside the US, receiver IBAN and Bank Identifier codes are needed to receive money.

 Can I Receive Money from Western Union in Another Country?

If the money has been sent for cash pickup outside the United States, then the receiver can use the cash pick ups service and pick up the money from the nearest agent location.

 How Long Can Western Union Hold Money?

The money transfer duration is available for 90 days. Contact customer care to resolve the issue if the receiver does not get it within 90 days.

 What ID is Needed to receive money from Western Union?

If you are going to cash pick up at the agent location, they will ask you for an international passport, driver’s license, and national identity card. Moreover, if you are a foreigner, they will ask for your residence id and foreign documents.

 Bottom Line

 In a nutshell, where hundreds of ways are available to send money, like PayPal or Western Union, one of the best ways to receive money is also available, and that is Western Union. Yes! These have made our lives easy to send or receive money at national and international level.

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